Inspired by the participation of Himpunan Mahasiswa Tambang Institut Teknologi Bandung (HMT-ITB) in AusiMM Students Mining Competition that was held by University of Queensland (UQ) in 1996 in Brisbane, Australia, then HMT-ITB started to organize a similar event which was called Indonesian Students Mining Competition (ISMC). Since then, ISMC has become a special biennial event of HMT-ITB. In 2020, the 12th ISMC will be held. This time, the competition will not only invite students from Indonesia, but also from all around the world, including Asia, Africa, Australia, America and also Europe. The expansion of participation in this event is based on the needs to innovate our event from time to time and to prepare every mining students for the upcoming global competition. So we feel that this event will be a place where mining engineering students can enhance their ability and improve their skill as future stakeholders of mining industries and exchange every ideas that they have in mind for a better sustainable mining future.