Advisory Board

“ As the Head of the Undergraduate Study Program in Mining Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). I am proud to announce that this year, the Mining Engineering Student Organization at ITB (HMT-ITB) will host a biennial event named “The 12th Indonesian Students Mining Competition”. This event is comprised of several competitive mining games representing the life of mining engineers in the field and will be partaken by mining engineering students from universities throughout Indonesia and other countries. While the competition has been an integral part of HMT-ITB for decades, this event will also strengthen the campaign effort of mining engineering students to miningand non-miningcommunities.
Therefore, I would like to cordially invite all interested parties to actively join the event and make it successful one for the benefit of the communities “

Dr. Eng. Ganda Marihot Simangunsong, S.T., M.T.
Head of the Mining Engineering Undergraduate Program Institut Teknologi Bandung

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